fill in the blank.

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1. the most spontaneous thing i've ever done was  move across the country to boston. i got a random phone call from my friend that was already living there on a thursday afternoon and three weeks later my personal belongings were on a ups truck and i was on a plane. i wanted to cry and the whole flight consisted of me freaking out and asking myself what i was doing, but i did it and i'm glad that i did.  

2. the best gift i've ever received was  and is the gift of life. duh. i mean, it's a pretty great gift. cheesy answer, i am aware, but i kinda like my life and every day is a gift. so there.  

3. a time that i was truly and genuinely surprised was  probably when my older sister told me she was pregnant with my nephew. they had struggled with fertility and had taken the adoption path and, i think, had thought they would probably not have biological children. but alas, she had my nephew and then my niece...definitely surprised.  

4. i can't leave the house without  my keys. although, i did walk out my door with out my keys last week and i locked myself out. it was super awesome. luckily, the manager was around and unlocked the door for me. i was only locked out for about ten minutes. but you can believe that i won't ever do that again. well, until i do.  

5. my favorite day of the week is  probably tuesday. it's my "saturday." my work week starts on thursday and ends on monday, so my weekend is tuesday and wednesday. it's super sucky, but it is what it is.  because     

6. something that can always make me laugh is  is my friend, teresa's, humor. she, without fail, can always make me laugh. like really, really laugh. and i got to hang out with her last week. and i'm hanging out with her again tonight. and i'm super excited about it. i can't wait.  

7. my perfect day would include  spending time with my family. good food. fun times. hanging out with my family. maybe some soda. did i mention spending time with the fam. yeah, fam.  

how about you fill in the blanks now?
happy friday.
that's all.


  1. love.love.love that I get to be part of your life a little bit more than usual. also--I'm about to die of delight 'cause you say I make you laugh. mostly because YOU make ME laugh (emphasis added for emphasis only). quite a bit a lot, I'm telling you. you make me smile.

  2. Who was that friend that made that call? :)

    So glad you came out...very sad you left, but we will always welcome you back for a visit!