where did the time go?

i can't believe that it is already october.

i'm not really sure where the time has gone or what i have been spending that time doing. i remember back in march when i was on a family vacation, i thought that having to wait until july to spend more time with my family was so far away. and now that has come and gone and i feel like i really missed it.

i mean, i know that everyday i get up and i have stuff to do or i have to go to work, but it just seems like time is flying by. seriously, like whizzing by. next thing you know, it's gonna be 2009. i can't believe we are closer to 2010 than we are to 2000.

i wish that time passed like it did when i was a kid. school started and you couldn't wait for christmas. then after christmas break, you couldn't wait for summer break. and then summer break flew by way to fast and the next school year was there. but the whole school year itself creeped by, as slow as slow could go.

but, no, we have to grow up and the older we get the faster it goes. maybe that is why growing up sucks. except for maybe when we get old and sick, it'll be better if time flies. but i bet when we get old, time slows down. that would be a mean trick.

yeah, so it's already october. can you believe it?

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  1. I would have to agree... Where does the time go??? How are things going? It seems like forever and just yesterday that we were roommates!! Hope life is treating you good...