the challenge: have you got your 100 list handy? yes? fantastic! no? well, this is your chance to get one going! this month, we will consult our 100 lists. it's quite simple, really. on the 7th of the month post an spt about item #7 on your list. on the 14th of the month, post an spt about item #14. and so on. and so on.

when i consulted my one hundred list to check out number 14, i wasn't quite sure what i was going to write. but after thinking about it for a bit, i guess i'll make a go of it.

14. i try not to be a judgmental person, but sometimes i catch myself being embarrassingly judgmental.

here's the point i was trying to make with this statement: i need to be more accepting of other people's faults and the things about them that are different from me. does that make sense? probably not.

let's do a "for example." so, for example, i live with some very dirty people. to me, they are dirty because they don't rinse their dishes the same way that i do or they don't pick-up after themselves as i would (trust, that is being gentle...but i'm just trying to make a point). because they don't have the same standard of clean as i do, i make assumptions that they are lazy and spoiled and inconsiderate. these things are surely not true about all the people i live with, but that is the judgement that i have made.

i catch myself doing this quite often at my job, which is a huge mistake. i once made a judgement about a youth's parents. i thought that they were going to be the complete opposite of what they were. i was totally shocked when i walked out to meet with them. i decided then that i really, really need to be careful about the judgements i make, especially in my work place.

so, that's what i mean. essentially, i make a lot of assumptions that i then run with...thus the judgements. it's definitely one of my flaws that i need to work on.

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  1. love the picture of your face. I have the same issue. I think I am doing better but really I'm not. The first step is to recognize, right? Oh and you DO live with a bunch of lazy slobs.