the challenge: have you got your 100 list handy? yes? fantastic! no? well, this is your chance to get one going! this month, we will consult our 100 lists. it's quite simple, really. on the 7th of the month post an spt about item #7 on your list. on the 14th of the month, post an spt about item #14. and so on. and so on.

luckily, i have my one hundred list handy. and when i read what number seven was, i knew i wasn't going to really be able to find a photo to go with it...but then i searched and i found a couple, kinda, so here we go--my number seven.

7. when i was 18, i went and worked in jackson hole for the summer and when the summer was over, i was adamant about staying and working there for the winter. i’m glad my parents didn’t let me do that. that would have been a train wreck.

my mom was the advisor to a church sorority group when i was in high school (and after--she ended up being my advisor, but that is another story for another day). one of the girls that was in her sorority was working in jackson hole for the summer. i had been trying to find a job in logan after high school and nothing was panning out, so we consulted about going to jackson hole to work and it was on.

i had just graduated from high school and hadn't ever been on my own. it was a good place to start, i guess. i worked at a little gift shop and folded t-shirts and organized shot glasses. i actually loved it. it could have been worse. i really loved the people that i worked/lived with. we always hung out after work and played a lot. there were a few people that lived there year round and i really wanted to do that. i hadn't registered for school at utah state yet and so i figured i would stay in jackson and earn some money. the 'rents were gonna hear of it. they got me an application for school and they promptly picked me up to take me back to logan on the pre-arranged departure date.

i'm not gonna lie, i was pretty mad they wouldn't let me stay. but now, looking back, i am so fortunate that they didn't let me do that. it truly, truly would have been a train wreck. i wouldn't have met many of the people that played an integral part of my growing into an adult, most of whom i am no longer in contact with, unfortunately. and i wouldn't have met many of the people i am friends with currently. and i wouldn't have met krissy, who went to jackson hole with me the following summer on a little day trip.

i know i had my camera while i lived there, but i sure can't find any of the pictures that i took then. so, instead, here are the pictures taken the following summer with krissy.

these were taken at teton village, which is where the jackson hole mountain resort is located. during the "off season," you can ride the tram towards the top of the mountain and take in the spectacular view...which we did...obviously.


  1. that is a part of the country i would love to explore! it's fun to think back about how upset you probably were back then. i remember how important everything seemed to me at that age. i hope you enjoy many, many more visits to jackson hole.

  2. We live close to jackson hole.
    & I understand why your mom did not want you to stay there.

  3. It's great how things always seem to work out just the way they should.

  4. I just went there last week for the first time ever. It's so beautiful out there. I think it's so great how things always work out for the best.

  5. Parents sometimes seem like the worst people in the world but unfortunately always seem to know what is best for us!!! Dang them!

    By the way I see your FSA link? What is your involvement with that? I am currently "Waiting" and involved with FSA right now... just wondering.