sliced finger...part two.

so, last saturday night, i was doing dishes and i ran my hand along the bottom of the sink to check if there were anymore dishes and there was...there was a very sharp knife and it caught my finger and sliced it right open. it's been so long since i have "injured" myself, that i kind of panicked, but i calmed down quickly. i grabbed some paper towel and put the pressure on and in no time the bleeding stopped. i bandaged it and it has been healing quite nicely. here's the evidence:

then, tonight i was at sara's house making dinner. actually, we were all done with dinner and we were getting ready to make some salsa. i was getting an onion ready to go in the food processor. i was cutting it on the cutting board that was set over the sink. the cutting board slipped and instead of cutting the onion, i caught my thumb. this time, it was a little bit deeper, it bled a little bit more and it took longer for it to stop.

when i finally had the guts to take a real look at the cut, i realized that it probably could use a stitch or two. but i didn't want to make that trip to the hospital.

instead, i was convinced by sara and dave that super glue would work just fine. i'm still not sure how i feel about the super glue, but my finger is all glued up. hopefully that does the trick.

and for the record, i'm not using another knife until these wounds are fully healed. i mean, seriously, twice in less than a week? ridiculous.

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  1. sha boo boo! I had to have stitches once, so there.