i love the sound of: silence. i was lucky enough to spend friday night and the majority of saturday alone in my house. it was truly enjoyable to not have to listen to the shouting and yelling that occurs during ping-pong matches or the stupid bass line of guitar hero. sometimes i can hear the whole song, but most of the time its just the bass line.

i love the sight of: a sparkling clean kitchen. i played the magic kitchen fairy last night and cleaned the kitchen...which only took me two hours. i'm aghast at how horrendously dirty the boys are, but i shouldn't be. and the part that sucks the most is that they are twice as dirty as last year.

i love the taste of: a homemade meal. it's been months since i have used my kitchen to actually make a real meal. since i had a clean kitchen, i took the opportunity to make a delicious meal.

i love the smell of: my delicious fall candle and air freshener.

i love the feel of: bundling up, even though it is far too early to be freezing in my own home. i mean, i guess we could turn the heat on, but it's just gonna warm up, so why bother. in the meantime, wool socks, sweatshirts and lots of blankets will suffice.

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