my last political post (maybe).

it's down to the wire, folks. this whole thing will be over in a few short days. for some, this is a good thing. for others, it is the start of four years of lunacy. trust me, i'm not calling it...i'm just saying that either way, this is how people will perceive this election.

i just want to remind you all to educate yourselves before you vote. many people are very upset with the bush administration. i get that. but both of these candidates are dramatically different than president bush and his administration, just as senator mccain stated during the final debate. my biggest concern with this election is that people are so upset with the current republican president and administration that they will go and vote for the democratic nominee to spite the republicans. to me, this is not a wise way to choose a president.

that being said, here is my suggestion--make a list of the things that are important you. taxes, energy, domestic policies, health care, foreign policies, etc. maybe the personal values of a politician are important to you. maybe that aspect is at the bottom of your list. just make your list, compare your list to the two candidates and make a decision. please do all that you can to learn what each of these candidates believes and where they stand on the important topics. please don't vote out of frustration or spite. educate yourself and then vote.

please vote.

(fyi--this is why i say educate yourself.)

i wish everyone would watch these videos.
and for you conservatives, check this guy out...he cracks me up. he may yell, but he's educated.

and in case you need some assistance in educating yourself, my sister has posted some wise and interesting information on her blog (and yes, they are partisan posts). here are the links:

my nonpartisan political spiel. (it really is a nonpartisan post and there are links to websites with more information.)
consequential times.
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taxes 101.

and seriously, vote.
vote early and vote often.
please only vote once.

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