the challenge: have you got your 100 list handy? yes? fantastic! no? well, this is your chance to get one going! this month, we will consult our 100 lists. it's quite simple, really. on the 7th of the month post an spt about item #7 on your list. on the 14th of the month, post an spt about item #14. and so on. and so on.

from my one hundred list:

21. i have always thought that i have a low tolerance for pain, but when i look back, i think that i have a higher pain tolerance than most.

when i was little, around the time i was in kindergarten, i had long, blonde hair. i don't remember the sequence of events that led up to my hair getting chopped off except for the fact that i hated having my hair brushed. i had a seriously sensitive head. i still kinda do. but that event led me to believe that i was a wuss.

but then, around the time i was 21, i started having serious back pain. like horrendously painful back pain. after several visits to several doctors and an mri, i was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my back. i was treated without surgery (thankfully) but i have always had some level of pain in my back. to me, it feels normal, but i am sometimes curious as to what the level of pain actually is...does that make sense?

then there was that whole gallbladder issue...which i survived.

and i have even deteremined i am able to handle the most painful of emotional pains and come out on the other side a better person.

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  1. good post! i'm having a level of pain in my back as well, how do we fix that?