happy halloween.

i'm not a huge fan of halloween. i don't ever really remember being super excited for halloween. it might be because i was the fourth child and by the time it was time to dress me up and take me trick-or-treating, my parents were over it. i know we dressed up. i mean, we had a box of costumes so we must have dressed up. but i don't ever remember getting a new costume. i remember using a lot of stuff i already had to dress up.

when i got to college and was able to attend the ever-amazing (that was supposed to be sarcastic) howl at utah state, i still didn't put much effort into dressing up. and when i started college, the howl was an unregulated, out-of-control, drunken fest. the first howl i went to scared the crap out of me. there were so many people, you couldn't even move and girls kept getting fondled in the crowd. it was seriously out of control. (anyone remember the howl that way?)

anyway, that's beside the point. i've only been to the howl three times (that i can remember) and all three times, i wore stuff i already owned. one year we dressed up as babies, my friend shannon and i. another year i dressed up as a doctor. and another time i went, my friend melanie and i dressed up as halls crossing fuel dock attendants (which is where we worked the previous summer, so we just wore our uniforms).

and i only remember dressing up for halloween one other time in my adult life. three years ago, i dressed up as static cling. that was my most creative costume and it also required me to purchase costume pieces.

is there something wrong with me that i don't love to get dressed up for halloween? this year is the first year that i actually sought out costume ideas because i thought that i would want to dress up...but then i realized i am working for halloween, so i will just dress up as a juvenile justice services counselor. but in all actuality, i don't think i was ever going to dress up.

i'm just rambling, i know...but i have been thinking about this all day.

regardless, have a very safe and happy halloween.


  1. i remember the howl that way, but we thought it was a blast, maybe i was part of the drunken crowd, hahaha, jk...i don't think we were getting fondled either, but i remember hearing about that! i always loved halloween and getting dressed up, that was the best, are you sure we are sisters?

  2. I don't like Halloween much either, I did wear black and orange shirts with my ghosty halloween socks.
    Happy Halloween!

  3. Didn't I have to help you look for Pirate costume pieces one year - not too far in the past?

  4. I would agree 100% with you... Halloween is not my thing!