video highlights.

here are some fun videos of my nephew, malcolm. he is a spaz and i love it and so i had to capture it on video and now i will post it for the world to see. enjoy.

the best part of this video is jesse in the background, playing with his gum. busted.

the best part of this video is when malcolm realizes that the camera is on him, but he pretends not to and he starts smiling. the kid is a crack up.


  1. i am almost 99% sure that your camera is due for an aneurysm. and soon. it is getting it's limits tested, i do believe. sounds like you had fun. and the kiddies are all little cutie pies. especially lillie and her deer in the headlights faces. awesome.

  2. did you notice that all the while, little lillie is crying her heart out in the background? it's scary how i can just tune that out when something important, like malcolm doing tricks, is taking place.