i love the sound of: good music. like good, old music. like lionel. love me some lionel.

i love the sight of: the sun and clear skies. even if it is a million degrees below bearable, the sun makes all the difference.

i love the taste of: little itsy lava cakes. thanks bek for the recipe. now you share it or i will.

i love the smell of: french kiss scentsy candle stuff thingys. it's the best "flavor" made.

i love the feel of: family. i adore my family and i love knowing that they love me, no matter what and being able to feel their love.

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  1. Hey Rachelle-
    I'm glad you have a blog one so I can "stalk" the Cranney family again. Sometimes I feel like I'm spying on people not letting them know I'm reading their blog, but then I think...they'd make it private if they only wanted certain people to read it, right? Keep on keepin' on.