i love the sound of: silence in the morning after a good snowfall. this morning, when i woke up, i opened my blinds and revelled in the new snow and the peaceful sound it brought to my day.

i love the sight of: snow falling and covering the ground. as much as i hate shoveling snow and driving in snow, i love the way that it makes the earth glow.

i love the taste of: water when the thirst is almost unbearable. there is nothing that can quench a good thirst like cold, fresh water.

i love the smell of: the sheer freesia air freshener that i stole from my mom's stuff before they moved it. i hope she doesn't know it is gone. the reason i love it is because it smells like her and when i walk up the stairs and i get a whiff of it, i think of her. maybe she can forgive me for stealing it.

i love the feel of: new beginnings.


  1. Rachelle! I love the thoughts. Your page is super cute, too. Hope everything is good in L Town!

  2. lovely page. i never took you for a scrapbooker, even if it is computer-generated. have you always used labels or is this a new thing for you, like it is for me?

    i can't wait for our get-together. if you blow me off this time, there will be hell to pay.