she's leaving.

as you know, i live in a house with five boys and one other girl. well, now that girl is moving out and leaving me to survive the five boys. i think i will be alright, but i will miss having someone to complain to and freak out to about the boys.

i will also miss hearing her talk on the phone, non-stop, for hours.

and i will miss eating chocolate pumpkin cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting while watching the biggest loser with her.

mel, it's been an adventure and i am going to miss you. i'm very happy for you and i wish you the best. and congratulations on the move. it's for a good reason, so i won't hold it against you.

good luck sister.

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  1. oh but who will your sanity be now? maybe you need to start a support group.

    congrats to melanie!