more holiday highlights and photos.

i rang in the new year with my sister and her family. and man, did we have a good time. mostly because we made and ate some delicious food.

i wasn't sure what my plans for the holiday were going to be and since it is a holiday that--without fail, regardless of the amount of planning--never goes as planned, i didn't want to make any "real" plans.

sunday night i was surprised by some very good friends who were visiting from out of state. they invited me to stop by and visit them at their hotel. it was so fun to see them and to visit with them and spend time with them. they have the most adorable children and i was seriously entertained and so delighted to spend time with them. i love getting together with friends and "catching up," so it was the perfect way to kick-off my new year holiday.

monday, we got the kiddies ready and went grocery shopping. i commented to my sister during this grocery shopping extravaganza, that i still don't know how moms do it. how do you go shopping with kids in tow? seriously, it's a good thing i'm not a mom because i would kill them. okay, not literally, but i would be a bit of a crazy woman. or i would definitely not ever take the kids shopping. moms amaze me. hats off to you ladies. you are amazing.

so, when we got back from the store, we started stirring up all kinds of concoctions in the kitchen (more info on the delicious food to follow). then we ate the concoctions and then we all promptly fell asleep. and we were all awakened after the ball had dropped. we are losers, but at least we had good food.

our delicious food.

new year's day, i slept in...way in. i was tired and i really just wanted to sleep. i told my sister that i wanted a vacation day. hahaha. again, a good thing i don't have kids...i need my "vacation" days.

yes, that is me sleeping...and yes, i do have my glasses on. don't ask.

after i woke up and got ready, i played with the kids and then kristen and i went shopping, without the kids. we hit ikea, the mall and target. it was a good time. and my only complaint--the mall closed at 7:00 pm. since when does the mall close early on new year's day? it was so weird and annoying. oh well.

after shopping, we went home and again cooked up so yummy goodness. and then we fell asleep, again.

on the 2nd, kristen and the kids drove me back to logan. i had a pedicure and nail fill appointment that i couldn't miss. and luckily, sara had a cancellation so kristen got her hair cut. and then they left me.

malcolm and jesse watching lilo and stitch on the way to logan.

it was a very good few days. but back to the grind. hahaha. like my life/job is hard or something.

and now it is a new year and it is time to set some goals. i am thinking about the goals i want to set and how i am going to achieve them. when i have a plan of action ready, i will let you know what they are. they should be good.

and that was my new year's, again, in a nutshell.
and just for fun, here are some of my favorite pictures from days at kristen's.

i like that malcolm thinks he is joe-cool. he cracks me up.

jesse and lillie. he is such a sweet big brother.

kristen was laughing at me on new year's eve because i was taking pictures of myself making faces. i wanted to see what they looked like. like i said, we are losers.

see, we all fell asleep after we ate, including lillie.

if lillie only knew what a spaz malcolm was. i love them.


  1. what all did you have in that spread? i only recognize the avocado dip...did you know that bren started calling malcolm "stitch" in vegas. i think it's hilarious that they were watching that movie.

  2. Those kids are adorable! Isn't it fun to be an aunt!!