sunday scribblings.

prompt #92: new or new year.

this past week, i have been reading a lot about new year's resolutions and goal setting and all those things that go along with the first couple of weeks of january.

in my reading (typically known as blog-stalking) i found a post about bidding farewell to 2007 and moving into 2008 with a fresh start and nothing holding you back. i decided that is going to be my goal for 2008. i am going say goodbye to 2007 (and all the previous years i am holding on to) and i am going to embrace 2008 with my whole heart and mind.

i can set all kinds of goals and say that i am going to do this or do that, but i am just going to make 2008 my year. i am going to do the things i want to do with no timeline or deadline. i am going to do all the things that will make me happy. and i am going to be okay when things don't go just how i hoped they would go, or just how i had them planned in my mind.

there are many things that i hope to achieve this year, but instead of making a huge list of these things to cross off, i will make a list of the things i do or accomplish. at the end of the year, i hope to have a list of memories and accomplishments that bring me joy and happiness. and i will be thankful that i don't have a list of things i didn't accomplish.

so, i am embracing the new. and the new year.

and saying goodbye to 2007.

let's go 2008. my year.


  1. We certainly learn from the past, but looking forward and embracing whatever is to come, creating a list of memories and accompliments that bring you joy and happiness..what wonderful prospect and a wonderful outlook...let your wings take flight!!

  2. Love this post - there's something so noble about letting go and moving with the flow to experience anew.

  3. I'm going to follow your lead as well. Later 07...

  4. Well put! Here is to new beginnings!