forced post.

i don't really have anything to blog about, but i was told by someone "when i get up in the morning there better be something new on your blog." and i just don't like to disappoint people, especially her.

i could tell you about all the action movies i have been watching lately. i think something might be wrong with me because i really want to watch many, many more. this weekend i watched 3:10 to yuma, war, and shoot 'em up. i almost got shattered, too. maybe it's a hormonal thing, but this is a lot of action movies for one weekend. one could argue that it is too many. but i'm not gonna lie, i liked them all. oh, and we watched pirates, too. yes, definitely crossed the threshold.

i could tell you about how much i hate the snow. still. i was just talking about this with my roommate tonight. the cold and snow is bearable in november/december because it makes for lovely holidays, but once the holidays are over with, the snow and cold is pointless. i mean, i guess if you are a skier, boarder, snowmobiler or a number of other winter activities fan, then snow is good. but what about the rest of us. mostly it is just january. january is a bit on the miserable side. at least for me. i guess i just have a bad attitude about it today. because it is cold. very cold.

i could also tell you how i cleaned the crap out of the kitchen. i just haven't wanted to do it since the dirty boys got back from break. but because they are back, it's needed cleaning very badly. today i sucked it up and i did it. and i felt good after i finished. it always happens that way, doesn't it.

and i think that is all i have for now. i hope this didn't disappoint. and i promise more later this week. seriously. promise.


  1. I hope "someone" lets you know how good this post was - it was almost like reading directly from the secret pages of your diary (alright, I know that's what a blog is, sort of).

  2. thanks for the post. it was not disappointing...do those dirty boys pay you to keep their house clean? that's what is disappointing. also, disappointing that you seem to have SAD seasonal anxiety disorder. go to a tanning bed, you'll feel so much better about january. i think your mood has something to do with the action movies...what about die hard?

  3. oh and kj...you need to post too, also that other girl, jm

  4. Yes, I am so glad to see your post!! Look forward to seeing it again soon. This is how we keep up with you. If you think it is cold now, just wait!! Tonight -4, that's not counting wind chill. Hang in there, things will get better!! LOVE YA, Jane