and another.

this movie, stardust, was phenomenal. i originally had no desire to see it, but i watched it at a friend's house last night and i fell in love.

it's definitely a movie i would buy to watch again and again. loved it. almost more than waitress, but not quite.

man, it was a good movie weekend for me. that's all.


  1. actually, i haven't seen either of these movies, but they're both on my list. if you need a juno date, let me know - actually, i'll be in town on wednesday. i can't ever remember when you work...

    ok dude - thanks for the movie recommendations. and good luck with 2008 - i think you have an excellent outlook on resolutions and such.

  2. Another fabulous new look! And I loved Stardust (more than Waitress because of the lack of adultery...and a little more comedy/adventure), but I loved waitress as well!