the desert vay-cay: days four, five and six.

to be really honest, days four, five and six kind of all run together. i know that there was plenty of time spent just hanging out in the air conditioning. we played a lot. we spent time in the multitude of pools. there was a special "girls lunch" with my sisters, my mom and i. there were some trips to target and several trips to in-n-out. oh, and kristen and i went and saw mamma mia and we l-o-v-e-d it. and then there were the plethora of pictures. here are some from the last three days. and a video. enjoy.

malcolm, showing me the color the candy made his mouth.

four of my babies, eating dinner.

my baby jake.
he's not a big fan of the camera, but he didn't fight this picture.

kaylie and her cheesiest face.

even the grown-ups played hard.
my brother-in-laws, brennan and dave.

me and my three youngest babies: lucie, lillie and logan.

me and my sisters. julie, me, kristen and laurie.

the kids are enjoying some down time with mario kart on the wii.

so much fun for them...after they get done fighting over who is going to be player one and what characters they can be and what team they can be on.

even jake enjoyed watching them play.
or whatever it was he was doing.

this is how i felt about having to leave two days before everyone else.

this video is of adam and jesse, being boys. it's pretty funny.

yep, so that was my desert vay-cay. nothing like spending quality time with family, even if it had to be in the middle of the desert at the end of july. sometimes sacrifices have to be made.


  1. Love it, we have so much fun when we get together as a family. Too bad we were missing 5 of our family members - just think of how much more fun that would have been! Hopefully next vaca!

  2. okay, I really meant vay-cay - not "cow" in spanish (vaca)!