the desert vay-cay: days one and two.

so, my vacation to arizona has come and gone and it was a good time. i always, always love spending time with my family. i truly enjoy every member of my family and i cherish the time we do get to spend together, since it doesn't happen that often. i also love sharing special moments with my family and this trip was planned around a very special occasion that happened on very special day.

my oldest nephew, adam, recently turned the magical age of eight and he decided to be baptized. we all wanted to support him and his decision, so a vacation was planned. and conveniently enough, adam chose to be baptized on his sister, kaylie's sixth birthday.

it's funny that my last vacation included a stay in arizona, too. i like arizona in the spring, but not so much at the end of july. i actually didn't mind it too much, but it sure was hot. oh, it was hot. hot, hot, hot. but we all had a good time...and we enjoyed lots of air conditioning.

these pictures are from the first day in arizona. the second day was the birthday/baptism and i am a horrible aunt and i didn't even take out my camera once. oops. so, no second day pictures. luckily, though, a very talented friend of my sister and her family had her camera out pretty much most of the day, so memories were preserved. never fear. someone always has a camera.

anyway, here's the first bit of my vacation.

this is little lucie.
she is the baby girl of the whole family.
and she has cheeks to die for.
i left her and her mom at the airport in salt lake...

...and was greeted by this little slobber tank--the baby-baby of the whole family, logan--at the airport in arizona.
don't you want to squish him? i do.

i mean, i really want to just squeeze every little part of him.

this is adam.
he's not so much a fan of the camera, like sister kaylie.
we were just sitting on the luggage carousel, waiting for my bag.
(which is another story--it didn't get lost, just ended up in a random place.)
we were having a conversation about how i couldn't believe he was already eight.
i mean, he was just barely logan's age...seriously, where did the time go?

after we rounded up my luggage, we traveled to another terminal at the sky harbor airport to pick up julie and lucie. i just want to take this opportunity to share with you how much i dislike sky harbor airport. this place is gigantic. and such a pain the butt to navigate...especially when you are trying to pick people up who came in on two different flights, on two different airlines. two different flights is not such an issue...but two different airlines becomes a train wreck. especially when it's freaking hot out.

anyway, after the airport, we headed to laurie's to wait for the rest of the crew that was driving down from vegas. we stopped at in-n-out for some delicious deliciousness. (mind you, this was not the last in-n-out meal of the vacation--just can't get enough.) while waiting for the 'rents to arrive and to come and get julie, lucie and i, some photos were taken.

this is kaylie and her crazy eyes.

this was logan's second outfit of the day.
a too-small leisure suit.
all he needed was some chest hair.

little lucie, standing with help from mom.
her cheekies are my favorite.

kaylie posing with her giant marshmallow.

my sweet sister laurie let me take a picture of her.
of course, she had to approve of said picture.
and she made me erase the bad ones before i could take another.
such a freak. a sweet freak, though.

and this is her cute twin, julie...the baby of our family.
she wasn't as uptight about the picture.

and this is me (i know i look like crap--but remember, i worked a graveyard shift, drove to the airport, caught a flight and then navigated the worst airport in the world all on about zero hours of sleep--so deal with the way i look, and be nice) with kaylie.
just so laurie won't complain about her picture, i put up a bad one of me.

cute kaylie with grandpa.

and giggling kaylie.
gotta love giggling kaylie.

yep, so that was day one. day two was the baptism and a good time at my brother-in-law's mother's home. just a fun family day, which we all needed. after we got back to the condos, we went swimming. night swimming is a must in that heat. it's too hot in the day. perfect temperatures at night. then more quality family time. and then sleep.

there is more to come, for sure--days three to six coming soon.

how's that for pictures, jp? hahaha.
trust me, there are more.


  1. Fun! I'm glad you are vacationing so much this summer!

  2. Hey, GREAT pictures!! Just keeep them coming. You are the GREATEST!! LOVE,J