pretty kitty goes on vacation.

pretty kitty has been a part of my life for a few months now (eight to be exact). during that time, pretty kitty hasn't gone on vacation with me. besides a few random car rides, she hasn't gotten out. so, i decided that it was time for pretty kitty to go on vacation, so i took her to arizona with me.

here we are, packing our suitcases into julie's van, getting ready to head to the airport.
pretty kitty travelled in the suitcase, but i think she enjoyed the flight.

here is pretty kitty after our first night in the condo.
she had some very restful sleep with me, cousin jesse and cousin malcolm.

pretty kitty enjoyed her time, just relaxing in the condo.
she is such a low maintenance kitty.

the cousins did let pretty kitty have her turn at the wii.
she's not so good with video games, but she still had fun.

cousin adam was nice enough to play with pretty kitty.
he even shared his go-gurt.

pretty kitty really enjoyed perching herself on adam's shoulders.
adam didn't seem to mind.

after a long day of play, pretty kitty took a nap with cousin malcolm.
she really enjoys the cousins.

pretty kitty thought the water feature in the condo was the fanciest part of the condo.
she insisted i take her picture with the water feature.

pretty kitty was such a fun vacation partner. so fun, that i am taking her on a roadtrip to california this weekend. if you want to take pretty kitty on vacation with you, just let me know. i know she would enjoy seeing the world.


  1. I am so glad that pretty kitty had such a great vacation. And what a great animal to take with you, no messes!! Now just show us more of your pictures of your vacation!!
    Thanks for these!! Have a GREAT trip to Cali.j

  2. freakin awesome!!! she sent me a postcard and said she loves to vacation with you. Does she like gogurt? What a good kitty, she never even lets out a meow!

  3. pretty kitty should go to SC with us, have some down home good soul food, party it up with good people. can she?! we leave around sept. 24th.