fun with candy.

there are many, many reasons that i love being an aunt, but the very best reason is that i can make my babies do things and then laugh at them. but then i do really nice things for them, so no need to get down on me.

one of the days we were in arizona, malcolm and kristen and i were just hanging out and i had some candy. at first, i was giving malcolm tootsie pop drops. when he was finished eating the candy, he would run to the mirror to see what color his mouth was and then he would come and show me. and as fun as that was, i needed a good laugh, so i gave him one of the zots i had.

malcolm kept showing me his candy and i just kept waiting for the fizzing action to start.

and don't worry, when the fizzing action started, i had camera in hand. and you can tell i thought it was hilarious because i couldn't stop laughing. and he finished the whole candy...and then asked for more. he said he wanted another zot, but then changed his mind. so i gave him a pop drop. see, i'm not mean.

ps. malcolm's mom is the person that introduced me to zots. i figured it was only fair for me to introduce them to malcolm. when kristen was in high school, she had to take me and my little sisters with her to a rehearsal for a play at the high school. she took us to 7-eleven and we got zots and probably slurpees, but i only remember the zots. we sat in the auditorium and ate zots and watched the rehearsal. it's one of the more vivid memories i have of my childhood.

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  1. I love the tootsie pop drops! And the first place I purchased them: you got it-Mooch's! They always have the latest and greatest!