the many faces of kaylie.

my niece, kaylie, is my favorite little girl in the world (and mind you, little girl is a different category than little baby girl). she is super-duper creative, funny and always up for a good time (as long as she's had enough sleep and food to eat). and one of the best things about her is that she is as silly as can be when a camera comes out. she loves the camera and is a cheeser. during my visit, she would pose real special or pull faces everytime i tried to take a picture of her. thus, this post...and maybe one day she will hate that i have all of these pictures of her, but they are such a statement of her personality, so i had to share. and i'm glad i have them.

laurie always has the best treats and snacks at her house, and this time was no different.
giant marshmallows were the hit of the day.
i told kaylie that we should take a picture of the marshmallows and this is what i got.

and then the giggling and posing ensued.
don't you just want to kidnap her?
okay, maybe you don't, but i do.

i'm pretty sure it's hereditary.

see what i mean.
it's in the genes.

and it looks like it goes back a couple of generations.
the very best part of this picture is that they didn't plan the faces they were going to pull.
kaylie told grandpa to pull a face and this is the one he came up with...just like hers.

not really sure what this picture was for, but like i said, kaylie likes to pose.

see what i mean.

and kaylie is teaching her tricks to her baby cousins.
she is a good cousin.

this is the most normal picture i got of her the whole trip.
but as you can tell, she was showing me her littlest pet shop bunny.
it was her birthday while we were visiting and this is what her grammy gave her.

how can you not love this kid?
i love ya, kee-kee.

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  1. kaylie our family clown - kinda like how aunt ruthie was in all mom's family pictures! love it - at least we currently don't have the one who cries (how long has it been since you pulled that one?)!