goin' back to cali...for the first time.

so, this last weekend i was fortunate enough to be able to road trip to northern cali with my friend, sara. our main purpose was for a friend's wedding, but we did a little extra while we were there. and we had a blast.

i love road trips, especially to places i've never been. we drove out on thursday and drove straight to liz's house in burlingame. she was so super sweet and let us invade her life and crash at her house.

i tried to get a picture of sara sleeping, but she woke up right before i took the picture.
and yes, i was driving.
it's okay, i take pictures while i drive all the time.

it wasn't a bad drive.
some parts were prettier than others, but all in all, a pretty decent drive.

friday, we got up and went to sushi. we had to hit up a local sushi joint because who goes to cali and doesn't have sushi? right? right. (these pictures aren't the best because they were taken with my phone...but they work.)

how can you not love sushi...especially when it comes from joy sushi.

i mean, look how freaking good it looks.

and look how much sara enjoyed it.

and this is what it looked like when we were done.

after the delicious sushi, we went to target. target seems to be a vay-cay standard for me. that's what happens when you live where there is no target. after target, we headed back to the house and got ready for the rehearsal dinner.

we kind of felt stupid going to the dinner because we weren't actually part of the wedding and we really didn't know anyone that was going to be there besides the groom and three other friends. it turned out to be a delicious meal and a good time. we had a fun time getting to know jason's family, as well as maggie and her family. after the dinner, we headed to maggie's house to hang out. i didn't get any pictures that day, so i will only have memories.

the next day (saturday), we went to a delicious deli and had fabulous sandwiches. then we headed back to the house and got ready for the wedding and headed out. we got stuck in traffic between burlingame and lafayette. it wasn't too bad, but it made me grateful that i don't have to deal with that kind of traffic on a regular basis.

sara and i sitting in traffic in the car.

this is sara, helping alex with his flower and matt.

this is maggie and jason.
it was such a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony.
i couldn't be happier for the two of them.

this is one of my favorite pictures.
maggie and jason look like they are exhausted.
and i love that the maid of honor (owen) and the best man (matt) have kind of fake smiles.
this was during one of the [random] toasts, which is why i think it's pretty funny.

this was during their first dance.
i love, love this picture.
i think they are the most stinking cute couple ever.

and here we all are: sara, me, maggie and jason.

after the wedding, we went back to liz's and crashed. sunday morning (liz, sara and i) headed into downtown burlingame and had brunch at a fantastic crepe place. there was a little fair thing going on in burlingame, so we wandered for a minute and then headed back home.

sunday afternoon we (liz, sara and i) headed north to visit some friends of mine. we had a fantastic time spending time together, getting to know each other better and playing with the very adorable and funny and fun kids.

eli, me, noah and naomi.
aren't they to-die-for adorable?
yeah, they are...and they are seriously so funny and fun.

monday morning, we got up and headed into the city to be tourists. we rode the trolley and hit up chinatown. we didn't do too much, but we got a feel for it all. we also ate at a restaurant in chinatown and it's official, i'm not a fan of authentic chinese food. i like american-chinese food, though.

sara and i in chinatown.

a lovely picture of chinatown.

my foot and the sidewalk in chinatown.

liz and i.
we were waiting for the trolley, which is an obvious photo op.

sara and i hanging off the trolley.

we decided to break-up the drive home, so we left monday afternoon and drove to reno, nevada. we stayed at the lovely circus-circus in downtown reno. it wasn't the nicest place, but we had fun. minus the disgusting sushi we so stupidly tried. note to self: no sushi at casinos in reno.

and as much fun as i had in cali and on the road trip, it was nice to drive into the valley. i don't know what it is, but i love this place that i live. it may be small, but i think it is beautiful and i love it.

home sweet home.


  1. It looks like you two had a great time!! By the way that is what you two get from eating so much sushi! You know my love for that stuff!!

  2. Love the picture of you and the kids!! By the way, was it crepes a go-go?

  3. hey, i know that transamerica pyramid! weird how i was walking those same streets of s.f. just two weeks before you. soooo eerie.