the desert vay-cay: day three.

day three of the vay-cay was sunday. we all went to my sister's ward. i find it interesting to go to other people's wards. it was good times, though. malcolm hung out with me during church and was eating my gum like it was candy. he would chew on it for a little bit and then ask for another piece because he kept swallowing them. and because i am an awesome aunt, i said yes every time. after church, we headed to laurie's and hung out and ate food and then hung out more and then made more food and ate more food. can't really go wrong with that kind of day, can ya? anyway, i took lots of pictures, so here they are.

this is malcolm on the way to church.
those in-car dvd players are a sanity saver.

lillie zonked out on the way.

and it looks like her dad did, too.

jesse in the back, enjoying his shows.
the best is that malcolm and jesse don't even watch the same thing.

this is me and lillie.
maybe you recognize the dress.
it was mine when i was two.
had to get a picture.

for some reason, my little jake doesn't like when i pull the camera out.
he runs the other way, and even tries to hide behind sofas.

i tried coaxing him into letting me take a picture of his face, but he just wasn't having it.

then he said if i would take a picture like this, he would let me take a normal picture.

and he did.
isn't he adorable?
i think he is.
and he is such an individual, it's hilarious.
and his mom is sooooo patient.

jesse adores adam and follows him around, wanting to do what he does.
adam is really into the lego bionicles and so is jesse.
they would have "battles" with the bionicles.

here is a video of adam and jesse with the bionicles.

adam is a bit like cousin jake.
or maybe jake is a bit like cousin adam.
either way, when the camera comes out adam pretends it's not there.

or he pulls faces...

...like this one...

...and this.

or he tries to hide from the camera...

...using different hiding methods...

...like these.

and sometimes he even plays dead.
(btw--when you were little and pretended to be dead, did you stick your tongue out, too?
why is it that kids think that dead people stick their tongues out?
just a random question for the day.)

anyway...he's a goof.

malcolm has no aversion to the camera.

he just doesn't like the flash.

here is lucie-goo-goo.
that's what i nicknamed her.
she's adorable.

and here is little lillie.

here's is my cute mom.
thanks for smiling normal, mom.

i think this picture is awesome.
not sure why, but i love it.

and don't forget about slobber tank.
right before we left, logan was getting his bath.

i definitely couldn't pass up the photo op.

holy cheeks, huh?

how can you not want to squish him?

so that was day three. just a casual, chill sunday. and don't worry, there is more to come.


  1. Looks like you had a great time... You really do have cute nieces and nephews

  2. Love the pictures of everyone You must have had a wonderful trip with all the kiddies!! So o o o
    cute, all the little chubby cheeks to squeeze!! Thanks!!j

  3. I'm already tired and it's only day three. JUST KIDDING! Love you!

  4. too funny, do you wish we had more days like this one? i am already looking forward to next year - you are going, right?!