the challenge: september 16th to the 22nd is national clean hands week. my original intent was to post an spt featuring you extolling the virtues of keeping hands clean. so that might be an spt of you...showcasing a place where it might be important to wash your hands etc, etc.

i am a bit of a "clean freak" and clean hands are right on the top of my list. i do wash my hands several times a day. when i get ready in the morning, i wash them at least four times. that is once every twelve minutes. i like clean hands. i can't have anything on them.

so the one thing that i swear by is anti-bacterial hand cleaner, specifically the smell-good kind from bath & body works.

and so-in the spirit of public service announcements-friends, wash your hands. and if you have to fake it, use anti-bacterial something or another. thank you.


  1. Glad to hear you support clean hands as well, you should try hanging out in Kaylie's kindergarten class for an hour, it's almost unbearable...