tag, you're it.

my dear friend, alesa, tagged me and since i am at work and a little (read extremely) bored, i thought i would do this.

what i was doing ten years ago: ten years ago, i was starting my junior year of college after a fantastic summer spent on the fuel dock at hall's crossing in lake powell with one of my best friends, mel. we were part of the church sorority, the alpha chapter, so we were doing that, too. man, those were the days--me, mel and alesa. love you guys!

what i was doing five years ago: i had started school, again, at utah state...this time with an idea of what i wanted to do. i had been back in utah after two years in boston. i had just started working at mooch's, too. the best job ever.

what i was doing one year ago: hmm...yeah well, it was quite a year. some of you may know what i was doing...others, not so much. but it was a good time. i learned a lot.

what i was doing yesterday: it was my day off and i spent a few hours with my friend, rebbekah. i seriously adore her. (more to come on our day together.) i also made a delicious dinner. spagetti with a beef mushroom sauce. i will share the recipe if you ask nicely.

five snacks i enjoy: raw almonds. string cheese. kit kat candy bars. boston baked beans. skittles. but really, in general, i enjoy all food and treats and snacks.

five thing i would do if i had one hundred million dollars: get out of debt. quit my job. buy some land and houses and cars and houses and stuff. help my family out. help out some friends. and of course, play hard.

five places i would love to run away to: italy. las vegas. phoenix. somewhere tropical. the mountains.

five tv shows i like: only five? hahaha. grey's anatomy. friday night lights. prison break. ugly betty. brothers and sisters.

five things i hate doing: cleaning the bathroom. telling other people to clean. cleaning up after other people. laundry. working graveyard shifts.

five biggest joys of the moment: my job. my family. my friends. being a college graduate. learning to cook better.

and now i have to tag five people: laurie. adriane. jodi p. jodi a. megan. and rebbekah (you should just start a blog like we talked about...and this can be your first post).


  1. You should show me how to start a blog. Am I the only 30 something that doesn't know this stuff?

  2. i knew you would tag me. grrrr...

  3. remember how i don't have any sort of dvr? well, today is thursday and i am a weeee bit stressed out. how is it possible that three shows i MUST see are all on at the same time?

  4. hey did you notice that our "10 years ago" and "5 years ago" start the same? we are awesome!