tonight was dinner group and i was reminded at tonight's dinner that we actually named our group. because there were seven of us, we named ourselves "nanatsu," which is japanese for seven. granted, tonight there were only four of us (and a guest--and sara had "take-out"), but we are still nanatsu. (we are currently accepting applications and hosting auditions. we need two new members because we lost two. boo.)

anyway, tonight jenni made a delicious meal for our enjoyment.

this is jenni. she is adorable.

we had fried chicken, (breasts with no bones--loved it), mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans. and for dessert we had chocolate ice cream. jenni really out-did herself with the fried chicken. it was delicious. of course, in the words of sara, "holy hell, this chicken is good."

(the picture of food was an afterthought, so this is just what was left.)

and as always, our conversation was delightful. tonight we discussed plastic surgery, namely nose jobs and boob jobs, our 72-hour kits (because we are mormons and it was monday night), what we are going to have next time and unclean roommates.

also, at one point, there was moth in the house and i deemed myself capable of capturing said moth and releasing it in out of doors. while on the stool, i lost the moth, but later found it...on the floor. the moth is safe (maybe) and living outside (or not living, but it is outside).

that's me, looking for the moth.

that's the moth, right before i captured it.

yeah, so our dinner group is random, but man, is it fun. truly, it really is. i love these guys. (plus sara, who wasn't with us and jenni, pictured previously)

ether, me and melanie.

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  1. awwww...i miss nanatsu.
    a lot.
    send my love!