i missed my era.

i should have been a teenager in the 1970s. i know, random, but it's true. i am obsessed with the music of the era. and seeing as how i love music so much, i should have been able to enjoy my favorite music "live." but since i wasn't a teenager in the seventies, i can just pretend through movies and tv shows. particularly this movie (one of my all-time favorites) and this scene.

granted, i would have to "give-up" quite a bit to be able to live my dream, but it is just a dream. and a girl can dream.


  1. i always forget how much i love this movie. probably because my dvd is awol. jason lee is so hairy in it. and, keep in mind that i have actually hung out with cute little william. :)

    and you wouldn't have to give up a ton of stuff to live in the 70's. you know...if you did live then, you wouldn't even know what you were missing out on, right?

  2. I know how you feel - I feel as though I've missed my era too! My other favorite 70's movie, that I know you can appreciate is Dazed and Confused, that's the way my highschool days were meant to be!