day trip.

my sister, kristen, came to logan today to get her hair did and she brought with her my lillie-girl and malcolm (my favorite nephew--but, shhh, don't tell anyone.)

while she was getting her hair done, i got to hang out with the kiddies. so here is some of what we did.

malcolm got a haircut.

and this is what cut his hair.

we hung out in my room and ate treats...well, he ate treats. it's how i make him not cry. diet mt. dew and treats, does the trick every time. one day i won't have to bribe him...one day.

we played music on the computer and danced. and we took pictures of ourselves. why do i look so freaky in this picture? hmmm.

and then he modeled lillie's new bows. and he even kinda cried when we took it off. maybe one day he will hate me for this picture, but until then, enjoy.

in the meantime, my lillie-girl was sleeping.

and while we were dancing, she was sleeping.

and we were bored by her sleepiness, so we woke her using all means necessary.

and then there was the bow fashion show.

and an even bigger bow.

and once she was wide, wide awake....

i sent them all on their way.

it was a very lovely way to spend my day, to say the least.

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  1. I want to hold that baby and give her a big SQUISH! I seriously can almost smell that wonderful, delicous "new baby smell" through my screen! Lucky, lucky you!