good day.

today, my baby sister and my baby jake came to logan. julie (that would be my baby sister) needed to get her hair cut and since her stylist-extraordinaire is here in logan, she came to visit. and when she comes for the haircuts, i get to hang out with my nephew, jake. he is hilarious, as i have previously mentioned.

when they got to my house this morning, i was asleep (of course). i woke up and julie left and i asked jake what he wanted to do. i asked him if he wanted to watch tv and he said he wanted to watch "shrek." so, i pulled out the dvd and we watched "shrek."

i was doing other stuff (burning cds) while we were watching the movie, so i missed the fact that jake had an "accident." luckily, julie had packed some extra underwear for this reason. unfortunately, there were no extra shorts/pants.

(note the shoes on the wrong feet. i don't know why that annoys me so much, but it does.)

julie and i had planned to go to lunch after her haircut, so i felt bad that jake's pants got "wet." we still wanted to go to lunch, so we went to old navy for some new pants/shorts.

(this is my baby sister, julie.)
jake and i sat in the car, for obvious reasons, while julie went in and found some pants.and i kept us entertained with the camera. what else would we have done? hahaha.

and then for lunch we went to the best pizza joint in the valley--fredrico's.

again, an absolutely fabulous way to spend the day. i adore them both, so much.


  1. Man, I have been craving Fredrico's! I'm so jealous!!

  2. what's all this quality time that you are spending with everyone else? i'm feeling very cheated. by the way how was fredrico's it's been a long, long time.