my nephew is a pimp.

this is one of my best friends, sara, and my nephew, jesse. we were at my graduation dinner (at my favorite restaurant, cafe sabor). sara and jesse were seated next to each other, so i figured it was an excellent photo op. they were just sidled up next to each other and all of a sudden, jesse had to swing his arm up around sara's neck. it was hysterical. probably not to you, but it was too me. and take note of the "i'm the man" look on his face. i can't help but adore this kid, that is for sure.

and after the dinner, we went to sara's work--kutting edge--so she could give "the man" a faux-hawk. it's pretty stylin' for sure. and notice, he is still a pimp, with his arm around the girl.

oh, how i seriously adore him.

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  1. jesse is pimp. no question. ladies of the future...beware. wait a minute. it's already begun.