we broke up.

well, it's a true story. my gallbladder and i had a falling out and we broke up. it was painful, but in the end, it was worth it. there is no need to stick with "someone" that isn't going to treat you right. i was going to try and work things out and hope that we could make it through graduation, but no such luck. only a week after the problems started, i was laid up in a hospital bed. good times, good times. and while i was in the that hospital room, i got bored and i had a camera...so, i took some pictures so that i could share my experience with all. and here they are. well, some.

why do they insist that we wear these hideous gowns? they are a bit of a hassle when it comes to using the restroom and when sleeping, they get all twisted. not my favorite outfit, that is for sure. but i was happy to be wearing it because i knew that the pain would be ending soon. well, that and i may have been a little hopped up on some sort of drugs.

i probably am going to have to pay $50.00 for each wristband. you know how they charge for stuff in the hospital. i just couldn't figure out why i had to have two bands. the green was from the emergency room and the blue was from surgery. could they not identify me with one band? they say the exact same thing. you would think that people that work in the hospital would be smart, but maybe not. who knows.

i wasn't digging the fact that there was dried blood under the tape where my iv was. and the fact that it was the most painful iv i have ever had. i mean, i have only had a few, but it was the most painful. i maybe should have said something about it, but then they would have had to move it and i didn't want to deal. besides, they were giving me drugs through it and that made it a little better. hahaha.

they wouldn't let me drink anything. i was so thirsty, but i couldn't even have a swallow of water. this is how i was staying hydrated, but it didn't help my mouth that was screaming for hydration. i did cheat an eensy-teensy, little bit and i sucked the water off of my toothbrush when i brushed my teeth. it didn't help much, but it made me feel like i was beating the system. it must be the rebel in me.

ah. what a warm and welcoming room. jk. it was okay, though. my mom was really nice and went home and got me some stuff so that i could be more comfortable. she's nice like that. my mom. yeah, so that was my room. bathroom to the right.

after i entertained myself with the camera, i fell asleep. the worst thing about spending the night in the hospital is that they insist on coming in every so often to check your vitals. so, you don't get super awesome sleep. being awakened by someone trying to stick things in your ear, so not cool. it's a bit disconcerting, to tell the truth. but i know, it's their job. and they do their jobs well.

so, yes. my gallbladder and i broke up. i am doing fine. not sure about the gallbladder.

that's all.


  1. Yikes! We are too young to have gallbladder problems! :)

    Hope you are recovering well!!!

  2. 1. i hate that you looked pretty in the hospital.
    2. i hate the nurse or whoever that put your iv in because that was not a spot-on job.
    3. i hate that you and your gallbladder broke up...imagine how he (i begendered your gallbladder and i made up the word "begendered") feels.
    4. i love that you finally wrote another blog. it's been a long time in coming. and it was delightful.