i'm thirty.

i know, it's been awhile since i have blogged, but i sort of had a brain-cramp. i sometimes feel like i could blog about everything and then my brain cramps up thinking about everything i could blog about. so, i took a break. now i am back, ready to blog away.

well, i had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. it was a big one. the big three-oh. i know. it's not that old, but i'm not in my twenties anymore. i didn't write about the day sooner because i had to come to grips with it. i know, a little dramatic, but what can i say? i'm dramatic. hahaha.

it was a good day. i helped my grandma with yard work and did some straightening up around the house. then i went to dinner with some friends at my, aforementioned, favorite restaurant, cafe sabor.

i hate getting sung to in public, especially at restaurants. especially restaurants where they make you put on stupid hats. i didn't want to be sung to, but i wanted the dessert, so adriane--being the good friend that she is--offered to be sung to so we could have dessert.

even better than a meal at my favorite restaurant, were the awesome cards that my family sent to me. they crack me up. but this year, my mom won--hands down, no questions asked. and just to prove it, here is the card she sent. oh man, i love my mom...even more after this card.

and because i love cards so much, here are a few of my favorites (not necessarily from this year, but that's okay).
this was from adriane.

sara homemade me a card.

this card is so appropriate for these guys.

and julie gave me this one.

laur and bren, again.

so, that was my birthday (plus some laughter). it was a good day. and i'm okay with being 30. at least i had graduated from college before i turned thirty, barely. but i did.

that's all.


  1. love, love, love, b-day cards, i could read them all day! sorry i didn't send you an awesome one this year! i'll make it up to you, promise.

  2. Sucky McSuck! I missed your birthday. Sorry. :( Well now that you've come to terms with it all, Happy Birthday! I'll also take this opportunity to wish you Happy 31st, b/c I'll probably miss that one to.