i'm an alumnus.

oh, how sweet it is to be an alumnus of such a fine establishment. it's not the best school in the west, but i do believe i got my money's worth. i could have studied harder and i could have gone to class more, but they gave me a degree, all the same. i guess, after twelve years, they figured it was about time. not that i was enrolled at the school all twelve years, but they were ready to be done with me, and i them.

so, i am proud to be an aggie. i always will be. and i'll be honest, i'm a true aggie, to boot. don't remember his name. he wasn't even a student at usu...he was from slc. he and his friends wanted to come to usu to become true aggies (i don't know if you can be a true aggie without being a student--but i was a student). how could we deny them this wish? we didn't. i love usu. we have excellent traditions. traditions that people around the state desire to participate in.

now, this is me after the trek across campus. did i mention that it snowed that day? yes, it snowed on my graduation day, may 5th. it snowed in may. seriously, only in logan, utah. during the entire trek across campus, looking around at the rest of the graduates, i couldn't help but wonder...who came up with this outfit? i mean the gown is one thing, but the cap? i guess after years of working and studying and learning, we have to be humbled by wearing these ridiculous outfits.

can you tell how excited i was? i was. very. i couldn't believe that it was actually happening. the best part about the actual graduation was that i got to sit by my friend, riley. he is the most random american that i know. i couldn't stop laughing the entire time. i loved it. but, the girl sitting on the other side of me was one of the most annoying students in my major. she was a huge teacher's pet. the kind that make you want to vomit. or gag. or just throw stuff. (she is in this picture, on the left.) she wasn't as bad as the girl who used to eat lunch during class, though. i mean, full-on lunch. and it was a small room and it was a full class. she would eat carrot sticks almost everyday. during class. i ended up meeting her a couple of semesters after that, and it turns out she was a bit of a drunk, so it was good to know that she was getting nourishment, besides beer.

and because bubba knows all the right people and is on the board of trustees, he got to had me my diploma. i'm not gonna lie, that was pretty cool. now, that folder had a special note stating that participating in the graduation ceremonies didn't guarantee graduation. and there were comments highlighted in red about changing your address. apparently, a lot of people try to do that, otherwise it wouldn't have been in red. at least, that is what riley and i decided.

yep. i'm an alumnus. a graduate. of utah state university. pretty cool, for me at least. and it's about time. but, now what?


  1. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hey i forgot all about the true aggie thing! and i even became one several times. going back to your slc guy...can you be a true aggie if you're not even an aggie?

    oh...you brought back so many memories for me. go aggies, go aggies, hey hey hey!

  3. yes, adriane, you can be an aggie even if you aren't an aggie...remember "a-day?" the day that everyone can become a true aggie. that's the day i became a true aggie. in 1997. interesting. ten years ago this year. hmmm. that is the same year that my friends and i became the biggest mighty mahogany fans. do you know mighty mahogany. i have their cd, if you would like to borrow it. good memories.

  4. oh my heck. i have their cd, too. we called them "mighty wood". hahahaha.

  5. the coincidences are unbelievable.