try using the word of the day.

many of you may know this already, but i am a closet nerd. i like things like proper grammar and puncuation. and spelling, especially spelling.

and i like to learn. i like to learn all kinds of things. i like to learn things like how to take a kid down at work and new words. i especially like new words. i don't really use all the new words that i learn (people at my work might not appreciate my extensive vocabulary--but that is for another post). regardless, i like to know lots of words, whether i use them or not.

this leads me to the subject of this post. here i am at work. it's about 3:30 in the am. at about 2:30, i get a special email from merriam-webster. it's the word of the day. and i about died laughing at today's word, so i had to share it and i challenge all of you to use it in a sentence today.

the word for today is hemidemisemiquaver (hem-ih-dem-ih-SEM-ih-kway-ver). it is a noun. and it is a musical note with the time value of 1/64 of a whole note: a sixty-fourth note.

i love it.

use it.

that's all.


  1. I can't even pronounce it - how would I use it? :)

  2. hi rachelle,
    i love your blog. you are very cool and i should have commented sooner in my blog stalking but i have not because i am the worst commenter ever. I will be better so you can iddentify your stalker.

  3. i love that hemi and demi and semi are all used together in one word. ingenius.