i heart orbit gum.

i am quite fond of orbit gum. i have been for sometime now. i like the cute little packages and the plethora of flavors. and when i say plethora, i mean plethora. in recent weeks, i have collected all the many flavors and have decided to share with you my feelings about some of them.

i know, i have way too much time on my hands. but at least you are entertained.

first, this is an orbit commercial. they are usually wacky and zany, sometimes funny. this isn't my favorite, but it does the trick. enjoy.

this is mint mojito. i would say that it is the newest member of the orbit family. it has a very refreshing flavor, without being over powering. i found it to be pleasant. although, i felt like the flavor "died." i know that flavor in gum "dies," but i felt like this flavor actually "died" and began to taste like something rotting. good for a quick chew.

i'm not a fan of raspberry mint. i think that i am not a huge fan of mixing fruit with mint. or maybe i am just not a fan of raspberries with mint. it was okay, but not good for some "refreshment." this is best used as a treat. its better for you, too. less calories and all that. just an idea.

bubblemint is my second favorite of the orbit family. i can't even tell you how much joy the bubblemint brings to my mouth. it is sweet and succulent, but refreshing at the same time. the bubble gum part of the gum helps bring out the child in you, while the minty freshness reminds you that you are an adult. good, good stuff.

cinnamint is by far my favorite orbit gum. now, it may not be my favorite gum right this minute, but an explanation of that will come later. i heart the cinnamint most because it is the perfect blend of spicy cinnamon and minty freshness. that is all i have to say about that. perfection.

but alas, this is my favorite gum right now, this minute. i know, not orbit...but sometimes we have to branch out. i cannot tell you how yummy and refreshing and what a tropical treat it is. i know, the idea of "cool colada" gum is somewhat repulsive, but i had to try it and i heart it tremendously. it is delicious. 'nuff said.

so, happy chewing.
that's all.


  1. Umm...you have way too much time on your hands...i agree. but i love it, so please, continue, and entertain those of us who do not have too much time on their hands.

    loving the blog, 'nuff said

  2. So my first reaction to Mint Mojito, "It's like gatorade gum, but BETTER!". I agree, it's a flavorburst of fun but then dies more quickly then the other flavors of the orbit family. I might be a plain jane, but my favorite is the straight up Peppermint. I can taste the PH level in my mouth changing. Also, an amen to your dislike of the Raspberry Mint. I'll poo-poo that. AND the vanilla mint, makes me thirsty.

  3. i love mint mojito with all my heart.