and i'm back.

it's been a few, but i have good reasons. i'm not going to tell them to you, but if you ask, i might. just wanted to pretend that i'm a real blogger and post something today. thought i'd start the week out right.

today, i saw this on another blog and i have decided that i want it badly. too bad that a.) i live in a mini apartment so there is absolutely no room and b.) i have no idea how to even go about purchasing it. but it's super cool.

today i also i contemplated quiting my job and becoming a full-time crafter. i don't know what that means or how conducive to bill paying that would be, but wouldn't it be fun. i kinda have been obsessed with the martha stewart website lately. and i've decided that i want to make everything. i am crafting all (or most) of my christmas gifts this year and i'm pretty stoked about it. i would tell you what i am making, but that would ruin all the fun. i promise when all is said and done, there will be words about the projects i've planned.

one thing i am making that i can tell you about is this. i maybe, kinda, probably like wreaths more than a normal person. i made a "fall" wreath in november and this is my christmas/winter wreath. i may just have to make a new one every month. it my be my new "thing." we'll see.

and how about them patriots. maybe, just maybe, this is their year? i like the sound of that.

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