fill in the blank.

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1. i wish  that i really truly could quit my job and just craft the days away. it is super weird that i have turned over this new crafting leaf, as i have never been all that crafty, but it is what it is. and i like it. i finished my christmas wreath...just in case you were wondering.  

2. yesterday i  worked. it was my monday. i also had a long conversation with my co-workers about seizing the moment and taking risks. sometimes i really want to take risks, specifically career wise, but i am a person who really likes routines and stability. someday, though...someday.  

3. today i will  work. both jobs. and i will be going to walmart after work. i love walmart, but not so much on a friday night. the problem is i ran out of some things that i need...i've been putting it off for about a week. i'm also going to work on getting my christmas crafty presents started.  

4. tomorrow i will  be working again. but only one job. and i am going to work all morning on my christmas presents. i'm hoping to get a good portion of them done tomorrow.  

5. maybe  i will have all my christmas stuff done by next weekend...so i can just relax until christmas. that would be pretty cool. then i can start working on my january wreath. because i really am going to start a wreath of the month club. on etsy. among other things. but that is a story for another day.  

6. someday  things will be so different than they are now. and i'm not saying that they will be worse or better, but different. and i like the idea of that. the idea of possibilities. the fact that i am in control of my destiny. it's good stuff.  

7. i love  the holidays. weirdly, i haven't enjoyed them the last couple of years quite like i am enjoying them this year. and so many things are different. but i like it. a lot. i think it might be that i am coming to terms with the fact that for me, right now, in my career situation, i won't be able to spend holidays with my family. it's taken me a few years to come to terms with this...and for now, i really am okay with it. thus the enjoying the holidays.  

any weekend plans?
how about holiday plans?
what's on your mind?
that's all.


  1. Taking risks is scary...and could totally blow up in my face...but that is part of the "fun"...right?

    Weekend plans are to work (of course.) Also SLC trip with friends filled with laughter and purchasing presents.

    Wednesday plans are still a go, right??? I am psyched.