fill in the blank.

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1. new year's is (awesome/lame/other)  pretty lame, for the most part. i mean, i like what the holiday represents. but when it comes to actually celebrating, it can be lame. for me, it is the most overrated holiday. and maybe it is because i haven't had wildly successful new year's celebrations. there have been a couple, but only a couple. and that's just sad.  

2. last new year's eve i  did have a fantastic time with my girlfriends. we made food and hung out and then went dancing. it was chill and low key but still fun. i think that has to be the key...low expectations.  

3. my new year's resolution is  not yet decided. i think that i will come up with a list of eleven, for 2011. and i want to think of a word of the year. i wanted to do that this last year, but the year slipped away from me. not this year, though.  

4. the best way to spend new year's eve is  with people you love. whether it be friends or family. as long as you love the ones you are with, i think you can have a fantastic evening. and, per usual, low expectations.  

5. my prediction for an up-and-coming trend in 2011 is  ...i have no clue. for me, an up-and-coming trend is crafting. but that is only new to me. i literally have no clue.  

6. this new year's eve i will  be with family and i am pretty excited. it should be a good time. with good food. and probably lots of laughing. i'll let you know.  

7. a fresh start is  always, always welcome. and i'm looking forward to this one.  

i can't believe 2010 is done-diddily-done. crazy.
do you have plans for this evening?
or resolutions for the new year?

happy new year.
and be safe.


  1. So far, your thoughts about New Year's Resolution is different from the others that I've read ... a list of 11 sounds interesting! Goodluck with it and Happy New Year.

    PS. I was hopping from Lauren's
    Fill-IN-The-Blank-Friday post.
    ☮: R.

  2. I am going to try to learn to craft and buy more handmade stuff.
    Visiting from Lauren's.....H@pPy NeW Ye@R!!!

  3. I wanted something GOOD to read....I have been in and out and mostly out of the blogging world for a while, but today it was it I had to see what you were up to and knew it would be good blogging fun!

    How the heck are ya!? I am going to be a copy-cat and make a list of 11 things too.

    Hope life is treat'n ya well!