because it is officially winter.

there are a few things that i have been thinking about lately. and there really isn't a better place to share them than here...on my neglected blog. and besides, i know you all want to read about my random thoughts. so, enjoy.

first: i love christmas music. i don't think i can get enough of it. from just after thanksgiving to new year's eve i continually listen to christmas music. i listen to it in the car. i listen to it when i get ready in the morning. i listen to it when i do dishes. i go to sleep listening to it. i make the kids i work with listen to it. i get angry if i can't find a radio station that is all christmas music all the time. but, yesterday i stopped. out of the blue. and i was okay with it. i played all my most played songs on itunes and loved it. it was like reconnecting with an old friend. i also introduced myself to some new tunes. it was good times. totally random, i know...but it's music and i love it. don't worry, though...i started listening to christmas music again today.

this is my favorite song this year.
(this isn't necessarily my favorite version, but i just watched a gwyneth paltrow special.)

this is usually my most favorite song.
it still is.
but something struck me different this year.

two: i love friends. i mean, i love friends, but i also love the tv show, friends. sometimes when i wash dishes or cook, i will play a random episode of friends, just listening to it in the background. and i always end up laughing. out loud. i might have a problem...i love friends more than the average person and i have a plethora of episodes recorded on my dvr. most days i prefer watching reruns of friends episodes than something new. and so therein lies the problem...because i love tv, all the new stuff i record adds up and then i end up erasing all kinds of shows that i would probably like, but i can't be bothered cause i have to watch my friends. oh well.

c: i don't know when it happened or how, but i am maybe, kinda, sorta, really, really addicted to crafting. and searching for the next craft project. and specifically, right now, i'm obsessed with crafting with felt. the stuff is magical. yep, i said it. magical you can do almost anything with it. i made some felt holly garland for my house and i fell in love. now it's a matter of deciding exactly what i want to make next. i am so overloaded with ideas and i'm struggling with narrowing it down. i really, really wish i had a sewing machine that worked better than the one i have. so i'm really considering these adorable dolls for my nieces. they are a no-sew project and i love it.

and then: i'm also a little tiny bit (that's supposed to be sarcastic) obsessed with wreaths now, too. there are three different wreaths that i want to make...and in reality, i will probably end up making all of them. and probably many more. and it's okay. and don't get me started on garland....oy vey.

{images from here or here. and here via here. and here.}

anyway. yeah. that's all.

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