my fave new products of the week.

i have made some purchases and acquisitions this past week and i'm in love with all of them, so i decided to share. i am in no way benefiting from endorsing these products...but i love them so much so it doesn't matter.

first up...aveeno intense relief overnight cream. i have pretty dry skin normally, but during the winter is it exacerbated. i have tried a few different brands of lotion, but i always, always come back to aveeno. especially the baby aveeno products. but this new overnight stuff is absolutely fantastic. for example...it's been about eleven hours since i applied this lotion (because i use it in the morning as well as at night) and i still feel like my hands are moisturized and i've washed them several times. enough said.

i have really tried getting into the holiday mood by decorating and such. and after i put up my tree, i decided that i needed a good christmas-y, pine-y smell. a few days ago i met up with my friend at the layton hills mall and we hit up the bath & body works (she is currently employed there). i told my friend what i was looking for and she came back with a candle and told me it was like christmas in a box...and you know what, she was right. bought the wallflower refills and now my apartment smells like winter. it's delightful.

and while i was at b&bw, i happened upon this lucious lip gloss. a few years back while on vacation in california, i purchased a coconut lip gloss at sephora and it was my most favorite. when i was at sephora (yes, utah is moving up in the world and we now have our very own sephora) a few weeks ago, i looked for that same lip gloss and i could not find it. when i caught a glimpse of this little gem at b&bw, i knew i had to try it. and while it is not quite the same as my original, this coconut liplicious tasty lip gloss is just that...quite tasty.

and finally, last night i went out with a friend. we had dinner and then were planning on going to a play at usu. (btw...we saw a midsummer night's dream and it was absolutely fantastic. i highly recommend it for any of my local readers.) well, after we finished eating, we had some time to kill and my friend pulled these little ditties out of her purse, colgate wisp. she had a whole package and she so kindly shared it with me. besides the fact that they are mini...anything mini is adorable...they are handy and they work wonderfully. now, truth be told, i did not use it last night after dinner because i dropped it under my seat in the car and we were in a rush once we parked, so i didn't have a chance. i did watch my friend use hers and it was lovely. i had to use the old standby...gum. but, alas, i was able to use it today and it is a little mini dream. they are going to be my new purse must-have.

what are your new faves or must-haves?
that's all.


  1. I have to get that Aveeno lotion!! thanks for the recommendation :)


  2. those wisp things are amazing. and, my new fave hair product is by pureology (get your hairstylist pals to hook you up) and it's called cuticle polisher. amazing.

    also, if you do not have a garlic zoom yet, get one immediately.