fill in the blank.

1. giving is  way better than getting. and it's way more fun to give, too. this year, i made {most} of my gifts...and while they are somewhat age inappropriate where the nieces and nephews are concerned, it was still fun to make the gifts and i can't wait to give them.  

2. receiving is  pretty awesome, too. i'm not dumb. i love to get stuff, but when it comes to this time of year, giving really is way better.  

3. the best gift i ever received was  ...uhmmm...well, it's a toss up. when i was maybe three or four, i got a stove and dishes. i loved that. and when i was maybe six or seven, i got this clay set. it had tools to make cool stuff with the clay. i loved that the most. it was probably my most favorite toy. then when i was in probably eighth or ninth grade, i got skis and stuff. that was pretty cool.  

4. the best gift i ever gave was  not a christmas gift. at least i can't think of a really cool christmas gift that i gave. but the best gift i ever gave was a book for my besties thirtieth birthday...i got all her friends to take pictures of themselves with signs wishing her a happy birthday. she was totally surprised and it was completely unexpected.  

5. something intangible that i wish i could receive is  continual contentment. i have moments of contentment, but then something comes along and changes that up...nothing major or drastic, but it would be nice to just be able to roll with it. to remain happy and calm when dealing with unhappy or stressful circumstances. it's something that i'm striving to work towards.  

6. something intangible that i wish i could give is  continual contentment. can you imagine what awesome gift that would be for everyone? can you imagine what kind of work we would live in if everyone possessed this. someday, somewhere.  

7. the one gift i always wanted as a child, but never got was  ...uhmmm...i seriously can't think of anything. i'm sure there was stuff that i asked for that i didn't get...but i think i had realistic expectations of my parents and/or santa. maybe i'm wrong, but i honestly can't think of anything.  

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  1. one thing i always wanted as a child.... easy bake oven!!! my mom was kind of in the sugar-is-bad-for-you camp though so that was a no go.