sytycd--week six.

i love this show so much...except for the fact that they let a booted dancer come back. i mean, i get it, but why comfort? she sucks. still. and the fact that kherington got kicked off over comfort pisses me off. seriously. i'm angered by the whole turn of events.

that being said, i still do love this show and i fell in love with two new dancers this week, will and katee. katee is a beautiful dancer and her partnership with will (who is obviously and amazing dancer) was perfection. here are their two dances for the week. the pas de deux was, by far, the best dance of the night...even with the little mess up.

chelsie is still my front runner. i thought she and gev made a very good couple. their contemporary was my favorite of their two dances. their jive was pretty good, too. i think it's sad that gev was voted off; mark should have been the one to go.

and for the worst dance of the night...it pains me to watch this, but i had to watch it a couple of times just to make sure that it was as bad as i thought it was. granted, it was a two-step, but it was horrible. and maybe it's legit that kherington was voted off, but still, i think comfort stinks.


  1. how do you really feel about comfort?

  2. i'm totally with you about comfort, i'm glad to see we're on the same page about that. so sad about gev.

  3. Oh sister I totally agree with you about the comfort/kherington thing.

    I was so sad Gev left because, even though I don't think he's the best dancer, he's absolutely darling and amazing at his solos. I would have been sad no matter which guy got voted off though. These next few weeks (aside from seeing comfort go) are going to be so sad because I love everyone.

    And THANK YOU for writing "pas de deux". I've been trying to figure out what that dance was called all week. Makes sense now. But it reminds me of 30 Rock (if you don't watch it you definitely should start!) where they try to figure out the name of Jenna's movie- the rural juror. Hilarious.