here's something fun that lots of people have been doing...and since i am a follower, i'll do it too.

1. leave a comment on my blog. leave one memory that you have of the two of us. it doesn't matter if you only know me a little or if you know me a lot. just write anything you remember

2. next, post this same post on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.

have fun!


  1. pirate party,you, dressed as a pirate, running through the house, holding a roll of t.p. up in the air, the tail of it flapping in the ensuing breeze, shouting, "i found the toilet paper!"

  2. you stole all the good ones! let me re-phrase that you stole all of them. oh there was that one time when we went to sam's together...that was awesome. and then that time when rachel and i came to your house and your nephew chatted with us. he's so cute! and then the time when we went to training table, (i know that was the same day as tai pan, but you forgot that part!) so here's to many more unforgettable moments! i won't ever forget your sweet glasses that you wore in jr. high. that's my first memory of you!

  3. oh so many to choose from, my favorites are the days when you were 16 and you let your dorky 14 year old sisters tag around with you while doing important teenager stuff, like... oh...dragging main? remember all that fun we had in that 70's something topless blazer and our other unnamed friend? hahaha i think of it everytime i pull out a tub of carmex...something about that smell is very nostalgic.

  4. Well living together we did many things. I think the best memory I have of you and I though is just all the times we would stay up late as you listened to the latest drama in my life. Thanks for always listening you are a great friend!!