sytycd--week five.

so, my favorite couple is still chelsie and mark, although gev and courtney are right up there. and i really liked twitch and kherrington this week, too.

i knew they should have gotten rid of thayne and comfort last week. they couldn't even pull off a good enough hip hop routine...comfort's genre. and their contemporary dance was painful to watch. if they don't go this week, i'm definitely boycotting. (also, i like to make idle threats.)

again, i had many favorites but this was, by far, the best of the night. so much fun.

and this was my second favorite. love choreographed krump. doesn't that defeat the purpose of krump? oh well. still loved it.

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  1. ok so i was really surprised but i LOVED the bollywood routine. katee has totally come up several notches in my book. comfort. thayne. seriously? i want the tall ones back. they must leave tonight or else i'll boycott too. oh... and girl crushes. i am pretty sure i've got one on mia michaels. love her.