little roo.

this is my friend's dog, roo. isn't he the cutest thing. he used to be pretty skittish around me, but now we are buddies and i love it. every time i see him, i love him even more than the last time i saw him. i didn't think it would be possible to love a dog as much as i love roo.

when i go to sara's house in the morning and we are in the kitchen cooking, this is roo's favorite place to sit.
i love that he just sits and watches what we are doing.
granted, he doesn't sit there that long, but long enough that it's funny.

in the beginning, if we were in the car and sara would have to get out, roo would go into major panic mode.
he would literally (and obviously) climb into the dash or wherever he could climb so he could see her.
he doesn't do that anymore...which i love.

i just want to squish him, he's so adorable.

and i love that he loves to snuggle.
he used to only snuggle with sara, but now he will snuggle with me.

so, that's roo. oh, how i love that little roo.

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