sytycd--week four.

i was so excited that all the couples had to do two dances this week. double the pleasure, that is for sure. chelsie and mark kicked butt again, of course. i was impressed by some couples that haven't impressed me before and i was disappointed in others that i expected more from. i had a lot of favorite dances this week, but a couple really stuck out. here are my top three, in no particular order (obviously excluding chelsie and mark's):

honorable mentions go to gev and courtney, for sure.

and now i'm going to rant...i think it is c-r-a-p that matt and kourtni got the boot. thayne and comfort's solos were ridiculously bad. and if you are basing the boot on how they have done over the course of the season, matt and kourtni have done better, by far. i know that comfort is staying because of stupid tabitha and napoleon. (who-fyi-i really do like). i think the judges are prejudice against tall people. that's it. it's a conspiracy. if i didn't love the show so much, i would boycott it, but i can't. so i will just be mad...in cyberspace.

that's all.

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  1. Ok... can I just say... Twitch on the bed without his shirt??? Yum, yum, yum and totally unexpected. I LOVED that dance. I am SO ready for Comfort and Thayne to go. Kortni (sp?) should definitely still be there.