some thoughts.

my life is so boring. i wish i had more to talk about, but i don't.

well except, i guess i could tell you about how i had the most emotional sunday of my life this past sunday. i left work bawling, but the reason why i was bawling wasn't because i was sad. i was so angry, i was driven to tears. that has never happened to me before. it was the craziest. and then i was consumed with the situation that caused the anger for the next three days. until i was vindicated in our staff meeting. but i am still a little, tiny bit upset about the situation. i'm hoping that over the next couple of days it will be completely worked out and that it will just be a passing memory. (sorry about the vagueness, but the nature of my job calls for it.)

my cute niece, lillie, had surgery on her crossed little eye last week. it went well, thankfully. and she is still as cute as can be, even with straight eyes. hahaha. (i stole this picture from my sister...thanks for sending it.)

a few weeks ago, my friend sara and her brother bill came over and we planted a vegetable garden. i can't wait for it to start producing some goods. there is a tiny green tomato on one of the tomato plants, so that is exciting. so, we planted tomatoes, green and red peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, butternut squash, summer squash, snow peas, beets, beans and pumpkins. i've never been into gardening much, but i kind of like it. it's very satisfying and i am sure that when we start getting some produce, it will feel even more satisfying.

monday was roku night. i love roku. we have so much fun and it is so random. the best part about this past monday is that sara got to get after some kids playing outside. they were throwing rocks, real big rocks and one almost hit a car. it was so funny, because jaime and i just laughed (we work together, just so you understand), and the others were taking care of the situation. something funny is always bound to happen and we get to eat good food together. love roku.

i got my hair done yesterday. it's getting lighter, gradually. we just put some low-lights, if you will, around. it made a big difference. i love getting my hair done. sara is the bestest hairstylist around, if i do say so myself. and i trust her to do whatever she wants. sometimes i have ideas, but they are vague ideas, so she gets to put her own spin on them. she's the best. while i was under the hair dryer thing, i was sweating to death, but i just reminded myself that was what i was going to feel like in arizona.

yep, the arizona vacation is upon us. two weeks and two days. i'm so excited to spend time with my family. not excited about the heat, but what can i do about that. it'll only be for a few days. i will survive.

and one last thing. yesterday, after i got my hair done, sara and i made dinner at her house. we tried to replicate our favorite tacos from this little mexican bakery and i think we did a pretty good job. i also found a recipe for a chicken marinade and so we tested it out. it was delicious. i was nervous about making it though, because it had jalapeno in it. for some reason, jalapenos scare me. i called my sister, laurie, from the grocery store asking her how to cut it up because i was afraid i was going to burn my eyes out. i didn't burn my eyes out and the chances of me using a jalapeno again are pretty high.

so, yeah, my life is pretty boring. hahaha.


  1. your life is not boring, i've heard you tell all these stories, but i especially loved reading about them in your blog, you have a great writing style. very entertaining even if you don't think you have anything to write about! can't wait to see you "sweatin" down here!

  2. try my life...then you will think yours is super exciting. it's probably why i haven't posted any blogs of late. i'll try to get on that.