simple fun.

my sister and her kids came up to logan last week to get haircuts. i love when they come and visit and this particular day, they came early and stayed late, so i got to spend some quality time with them.

we were just lounging around and i had my nephew get my camera so we could document the family time together. my nephew, jesse, is always pulling funny faces in pictures and wanting to pose in weird ways. i remembered my friend, megan, posting about some fun pictures that her friend took, so i played copy-cat. you go "1-2-3, motorboat" and then the subject of the picture does motorboat and you take a picture. while most of them were ridiculous, it was all for a good laugh. here are the funniest photos.

take one.

and take two.

and don't worry, i got in on the action, too.

kristen decided that it would just be easier if they just shaved the boys' hair off.
sara (hairstylist extraordinaire) wanted to make jesse look like an old man.
when we took the picture, we told him to make an old man face, and this is what he came up with.
he is hilarious.

i told malcolm to show me his hair and this is the view i got.
he kept rubbing his head and saying that his hair was "nice."
love that kid.

here are some random pictures that i took while we were just hanging out. these kids are always up for picture time.

lillie has been spending some time in the sun.
she's got quite the tan going on.

i love this picture.

she is the sweetest thing.

they paused for a minute to pose for this picture.
i love malcolm's cup of ice...that's what he has in his mouth, too.

he is such a cheeser.

i love his smile and how his whole face lights up.
i'm not sure about the fist, though...it kind of contradicts the smile, don't ya think? hahaha.

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