sytycd--week three.

i'm officially in love with one couple on sytycd.
chelsie and mark.

i think chelsie is the most beautiful dancer that has graced the sytycd stage.
love, love, love chelsie.

and mark is so weird and quirky, it's endearing.

i'm not sure how many times i have watched this dance, but i can guarantee you that i'll watch it at least that many more times. i watched it at least six times when i watched the show...i kept rewinding it and then i had to rewind it one last time because i realized that i only watch chelsie, so i forced myself to watch mark. and in the last two hours, while i sit here at work, i have watched it seven times on youtube. and chances are, i'll watch it that many more times before the day is over. i love this dance.

and about those eliminated...i was a little shocked that chelsea was let go. i thought comfort would be going home. and i really wanted thayne to go (again), but i am okay with chris leaving, too.

{images via fox}


  1. We are so on the same page with this post. I LOVED their dance. Amazing. Really amazing. I kept rewinding and watching. I love how they portrayed the emotions on their faces too.
    And Chelsie is completely adorable. Cute as a button. CAN'T wait for tomorrow's show.

  2. I'm a rookie to SYTYCD but I am not a rookie to girl crushes. When she said "our dance is pretty s-i-c-k if you will ... that means sick!" ... that's when my heart fluttered and my eyes smiled. Sigh.